Intellactual Property RIghts (IPR)


Protection of Intellectual Property Right ("IPR")

We do not allow listing of duplicates, replicas, counterfeits or other unauthorized products and items on our website. Please note that any such listing will be removed immediately from our website as soon as we will notice its unscrupulous nature. Any violations of our IPR policy may result in a range of actions, which includes but are not limited to the following :

  • Restrictions on posting
  • Suspension of account
  • Removal of listings
  • Termination of membership/service agreement reserves the right to initiate any action at any point of time for any conspicuous or extreme conditions, especially if the IPR holder has taken any legal course.

Infringement Claims

As an unbiased e-commerce platform, does not decide conflicts resulting from intellectual property infringement claims. It does not favor or deny claims of either party. Any action taken by must not be interpreted as any support of any intellectual property infringement claim. Intellectual property right holders shall indemnify and hold harmless from all claims, reasons behind any action, damages and judgments resulting due to removal of product listings in connection with intellectual property infringement claims.

How to report an IPR infringement? provides an efficient and transparent channel for intellectual property right holders to file intellectual property infringement claims and request takedown of allegedly infringing listings from the website. To facilitate processing of intellectual property infringement claims, Intellectual property right holders can file claims along with the following :

  • Exact hyperlinks to the relevant allegedly infringing listings on the website;
  • Proof of identity of the complaining party and relevant authorization, in case the complaining party is not the intellectual property right holder;
  • Proof of intellectual property ownership. will promptly evaluate intellectual property infringement claims filed, and also the counter claims from the alleged parties. All communications and decisions will be communicated quickly to the concerned parties. reserves the right to take down or restore any listing related to intellectual property infringement claims.

N.B.: All communications related to IPR infringement claim may be sent to